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Our Common Goals


By working together, Educators and CollegeSmart Solutions can provide a total solution for students and their parents entering college.


And while it's never too late, it really is best to start early!


As Educators, your school excels at:

  • Preparing students for the academic rigors of College
  • Providing college bound students with appropriate classes
  • Allowing high achieving students access to advanced placement classes
  • Helping students stay on track to complete their college entrance exams
  • Remitting student transcripts to the colleges in a timely fashion
  • Organizing college recommendation letters
  • Providing college preparation events: FAFSA Night, College Night, etc.


CollegeSmart Solutions excels at:

  • Educating Parents and students about college financial aid rules, pitfalls and opportunities
  • Taking families from start to finish in the college funding process in coordination with high school guidance counselors
  • Reviewing FAFSA forms for accuracy
  • Employing Strategies to lower the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Maximizing opportunities for college financial aid awards
  • Negotiating financial aid award letters
  • Helping reduce student and parent college loans


Together we share common goals:

  • Encouraging students to attend the best colleges they can regardless of price
  • Reducing or eliminating the stress of paying for college
  • Assisting college bound students after high school graduation
  • Increasing the prominence of the high school by allowing it to provide a complete college planning package
  • Helping students realize their dreams
  • Simplifying the entire college planning process so it is easier to understand and less stressful



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